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Guaranteed Golf is the most effective and thoroughly researched golf instruction program ever offered.

Since 1982 thousands and thousands of golfers have dramatically improved their golf games through Guaranteed Golf -- instruction so good, it's guaranteed. Guaranteed Golf is a method of golf instruction initially developed by golf professional Dave Christensen. The groundwork for the method came from a series of experiments conducted by Christensen at the Ohio State University with the help of some of the university's biomechanics and mechanical engineering experts. Using computers and high-speed film, they designed ways to test several of the methods and concepts that Christensen had developed from many years as a PGA Professional.

Many of the findings of the original experiments were revolutionary and provided the insight into the workings of the golf swing. But most importantly, the research provided documented evidence that the methods now being used in Guaranteed Golf will, indeed, improve one's performance in golf. This was the first and only time a golf instruction method has been scientifically tested for effectiveness. In 1982, Christensen decided to incorporate the results of the research into a commercial venture and opened the first 8-week session of Guaranteed Golf. The experimenting wasn't over, however. For the benefit of the commercial classes, Guaranteed Golf researchers started to do extensive study into the learning process, especially into how permanent improvement is attained.

How it works for you ...

One of the things that our research showed is that golfers don't achieve any permanent improvement until 1) they can correctly execute an important move, and 2) they have committed that move to their muscular memory. That means being able to do it every time without having to think about it.

The research also showed that permanently committing a move to memory takes the body a minimum of 4 to 5 weeks. This is where traditional half-hour lessons and even weeks-long vacation golf schools fail. Guaranteed Golf teaches how to do it correctly and then trains the body to do it every time. It really works! The classes are fun and enjoyable.

After 8 weeks, you will be playing golf better than you ever have before. You will be amazed at your skill and will enjoy the game so much more. You will play the game the way it was meant to be played. Instead of frustration, you will experience tremendous satisfaction in playing this great game.

Common Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost of the school is $169.00, which covers everything including range balls. There are no other fees. NOTE: Additional members from the same household cost $145.00 each.

How often do the classes meet?

The classes meet once a week for 8 weeks. Each class lasts about an hour. After the 8 weeks, free follow-up sessions are available according to your needs.

If I can't make my class one week, can I attend one of the other ones?

Certainly. The classes allow flexibility in your schedule.

What if I'm out of town for the whole week and can't make any of the scheduled sessions?

Tell the instructors the week before you are going so they can make special arrangements for you.

What kind of Golfer is the instruction designed for?

Most of the instruction is one-on-one because different golfers need different things. And sometimes even golfers working on the same thing need to work on it in different ways. So, even though we meet in a class, much of the instruction is individualized.

How do I sign up?

Please go to the Schedules/Registration section of this website to pick a class and reserve your spot.

How do I pay?

Bring your payment (cash or check made out to Guaranteed Golf) to the first sessions.

What else do I bring to the first class?

Bring a wood or long iron and the desire to play much better golf.  Note: You will likely use all your clubs before the 8 weeks are over, but one long club for the first session will be enough.If you come to class without clubs, you can always borrow from the instructors. And if you ever have questions about purchasing clubs, the instructors can advise you on what is best for you and how to save money buying them.

When you join a Guaranteed Golf Class, you'll join the ranks of over 20,000 alumni in Central Ohio who have improved their games the Guaranteed Golf way.

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